Outdoor AC Mosquito Killer Lamp

Outdoor Mosquito Killing Systems
1. Battery charge: Push the electrical source switch to OFF direction,and push the plug perfectly in the socket of AC110V-230V/50Hz.And keep charging about 6-8 Hours that recharging direction light lighting.
2. Before make use of it for the first time, please charging about 4-6 Hours.
◊How it works:
New and improved, the machine uses the mosquito’s natural hunting techniques of heat sensing and carbon dioxide detection.
The unit mimics the body temperatures and breathing patterns of humans, livestock, poultry, and domesticated pets.
1. Solar powered, it can work in the place off grid.
2. Physical pest control, NO pollution to envirement.
3. High performance on exterminating pest, reduce the pest source for next year.Outdoor AC Mosquito Killer Lamp