Amphibious Machine Made in China

Model: HK550PS
Loading capacity: 10 ton
Plate thickness of pontoon (mm): Top:6 Side:6 Bottom:8
Chains: 3 strands
Each pontoon has 2 motors
Certified quality: ISO 9001, CE

1. Product introduction
Amphibious swamp vehicle is also called amphibious transporter, which has been designed to work on swamp area and river deltas.
2. Product parameter
Total Weight 26000kg
Load 10000kg
Engine model Isuzu 6BG1
Type inter-cooled turbo
Power 132kW/2150rpm
Max.torque 637N m / 1800rpm
No.of cylindar 6
Displacement 6.494L
Type Variable plunger pump
Max.displacement 2X107cm3/r
Max.flow 20L/min
Working pressure 32Mpa
Travel motor variable plunger speed high/low 2.1/1.2km/h
Ground pressure 0.14kg/cm2
Fuel tank capacity 400L
Hydraulic tank capacity 235L
3. Product qualification
4.DeliveryAmphibious Machine Made in China